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Condo mold damage inspection. Picture of a kitchen in a condo with hidden mold damage.

A Condo Mold Damage Inspection

Condo Mold Damage Inspection Walkthrough Video Transcript We’re in this condo and here to clean up some mold. I first inspected at a couple months ago. The perspective buyer followed through and bought it. And now she’s hired us to come in and clean up the mold. So it’s got a kitchen here. Actually there…

A picture of the inside of a home with mold damage in the crawl space.

Crawl Space Mold And Humidity

Crawl Space Mold And Humidity Video Transcript Some of the first snow of the season. Sort of pretty. That’s not why we’re here today though. We are here to install some dehumidifiers in the crawl spaces. And this home actually has three crawl spaces and they’re not connected. But we found a little bit of…