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Did You Know?

  • You will often be left to deal with the aftermath of a trauma scene on your own.
  • The Police, Fire Department, EMTs or the Medical Examiner’s Office DO NOT clean up a crime or trauma scene when they have finished. They have neither the time nor the expertise.
  • There are few truly qualified companies that can assist you in handling these complex situations.
  • There are serious, life-threatening risks, such as HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis involved if you attempt a clean-up on your own.
  • There are strict governmental restrictions involving the cleanup and disposal of bio-hazardous waste. OSHA forbids the clean-up of these disasters by untrained personnel.

Utah Trauma Scene and Bio Hazard Cleaning

We are ready to help you in difficult situations. Whether it’s a suicide, trauma scene, crime scene, unattended death, an accident, or an unsanitary dwelling.
Crime scene clean-up is a very serious business. It may involve the handling of traumatic injuries, homicides, or suicides. Given the nature of these situations, these tasks should not be handled by untrained individuals. Both emotional stress and possible contamination by infectious waste can result from improper handling of these situations. A clean-up may also be necessary after a peaceful death, an illness, or an innocent accident. Any exposure to blood or body fluids represents a biohazard risk. Psychological and emotional trauma is another concern from exposure to these situations. Bio Clean of Utah is prepared to handle all of these situations for you professionally and discreetly. Most cleanups may be reimbursed by insurance, call us for a consultation. There are always special considerations when handling bio-hazard clean-up. The presence of infectious waste is highly probable and clean-up must be thorough in order to prevent the spread of disease. Our professional specialized cleaning crews can ensure that all necessary safety measures are taken.

Insurance Coverage

Insurance coverage is an option with most bio-hazard clean-ups. Call us for advice on insurance coverage.

If you or your family are experiencing distress at the loss of your friend or family member, please contact Caring Connections: A Hope and Comfort in Grief Program for resources and support.