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Ogden Mold Removal Services from Bio Clean of Utah

If you have already begun to detect the musty odor of moldy invasions or notice the blackened patch of a colony spreading across your property and belongings, a mold invasion is in full swing. Like the proverbial iceberg, the detectable mold presence is just a fraction of the overall problem.

This is why calling in professionals with skills, tools, and experience is the best way to go about addressing a mold problem. Those living in Ogden or the northern Utah area can find this kind of next-level service from Bio Clean of Utah and their team of disaster and restoration professionals.

The Problems with Mold

Mold is not especially difficult to clean up you could clean mold spots all day and still be no closer to a solution than when you began. This is because the presence of one mold colony increases the potential for many others. Until all colonies are addressed and the conditions that make their survival possible are addressed, they will just keep coming back.

This is why a professional team with the know-how and experience to track mold colonies through the very bowels of your home or commercial ovation is required to remove all threats to property and health.

What to Expect from Ogden Mold Removal Services by Bio Clean of Utah

Bio Clean of Utah is the leading provider of disaster repair and clean-up services for Ogden and the entire northern Utah area. We provide peace of mind and a professional response in the wake of all types of property catastrophes and disorders.

When it comes to dealing with a mold invasion, we have extensive experience in mold problems and delivering solutions to all degrees of infestation severity. Following is an overview of our effective mold removal service.

Inspection and Testing

If you think you have a mold invasion, not only do we fix the problem, we can tell you just how bad it is. Mold spores are very small and are carried in the wind from place to place. We will take samples to identify the concentrations of mold spores. We will then use this information to seek out the mold colonies and create a suitable strategy to address them all.

Locate Water Supplies

If the moisture that is keeping the colonies alive is not completely dried up, any removal work will just have to be repeated next week. Before we begin eliminating colonies we will ensure that all sources of water are stopped. This could mean unclogging storm drains, locating leaky pipes, etc.

Mold Removal

The fun begins when we unleash our effective cleaning solutions and begin removing the mold colonies. As long as another colony is close by it will be producing more spores to begin new colonies; all mold must be removed.

Final Notes on Ogden Mold Removal Services

Mold colonies around a property aren’t just a risk to building materials and good, they also look pretty bad and can besmirch an otherwise attractive setting. Worse still, mold spores can affect health and cause respiratory and immune conditions.

Don’t allow this condition to get any worse –– call us today and ask about our Ogden mold removal services.

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