Utah Fire & Smoke Damage Cleanup services from Bio Clean of Utah. A picture of fire-damaged rafters in a home.

Fire damage is a very serious situation and should be addressed immediately. Not only will there be fire damage, but there can also be smoke soot damage and water damage. The water damage comes from the water used to extinguish the fire. Fire damage is a very complex process because there are different types of smoke. Smoke is highly acidic and can permanently damage many surfaces if not treated immediately. This is why you should leave fire & smoke damage cleanup to professionals.

Securing The Property/Board Up

The first step, depending on the damage, is to secure the property. Call for board-up services 24 hours per day. Initial drying and cleaning services can also be timely.

Different types of smoke include:

  • Dry smoke – very fast burning
  • Wet smoke – sticky, smeary, more difficult to clean
  • Protein – virtually invisible, discolors paints
  • Fuel Oil Soot – furnace soot
  • Other types – fire extinguisher residue

As soon as the type of smoke has been determined, then the most effective cleaning method and restoration process can begin. An initial cleaning or neutralization of the highly acidic smoke soot should happen immediately in order to prevent permanent damage. Ozone concentration is ideal for neutralizing soot; it works like a bolt of lightning with a current running through oxygen which attacks bacteria, mildew, and the smoky odor caused by the fire. Ozone is 100% safe and will leave the air smelling clean.

We have been cleaning and repairing Utah smoke and fire-damaged homes for over 20 years.