Utah Pipe Leak Cleanup Services from Bio Clean of Utah. A picture of hard water deposits on a leaking faucet.

Utah Pipe Leak Cleanup Services

Have you had a pipe leaking in your home, creating a wet and dangerous mess for you and others to contend with unpleasant and unlivable conditions? Are you the owner of a commercial property who has just discovered a leak in an unused unit or one that was recently vacated? Whether you require a Utah pipe leak cleanup specialist for your residential or commercial property, look no further! Bio Clean of Utah is here to assist you.

The older your home is, the greater chance you have of a pipe leaking due to age. If you have a broken, leaky pipe, then you will need to have a plumber fix it for you. In the meantime, you should cut off the water so that it will not continue leaking.

Another thing that increases your risk of leaking pipes is your appliances. While the modern amenities that people take for granted in most parts of the country are fantastic, they also involve the potential for more problems. Water heaters, electric dishwashers, and any appliance that uses water all increase your risk because you have extra pipes in your home to accommodate them.

As soon as you have discovered the leaking pipe, you need to begin restoration plans. When excess water sits inside for too long, it can cause mold and promote dangerous bacteria. Wood, carpeting any other porous material will begin to decompose if left wet for too long. Even if you believe that the area is not sufficient enough to require Utah pipe leak cleanup services, you may not be able to see the extent of the damage.

Our expert technicians can provide a wide range of services, including assessing the damage done by water to a building. Through training and experience, these specialists can determine the various paths that water may have traveled. There may be pools of it in your walls or the foundation of your home. For an upstairs leak, it is even possible that it has traveled down the wood onto the first floor.

You need to turn your water off until you can get a qualified plumber to make the appropriate repairs to your pipes. This is why you need to know where the main shut-off valve is for your home. It is a really good idea that other family members know as well in case you are not home when an emergency strikes. If you have a commercial property, your employees or renters should also be instructed regarding emergency procedures such as this.

Our teams have professional equipment that is designed to ensure that the area is appropriately dried. We begin by using a specialized extractor to get the water deep down into the fibers of your carpeting. We have heaters and other tools that will complete the drying process. The exact procedures used and the amount of time and money it will take depend on your situation.

While many leaks are obvious, such as the pipes under your sinks, others may not. Basements are a common area of the house for people to enter only rarely. A small leak may go undetected for months in this situation. Pipes that are under your home that are not close to the edge or severe enough to cause your yard to become wet are another potential source of hidden leaks.

In cases where the leak is not physically seen, your only clue may be a higher utility bill. You may sleuth out the situation or obtain the services of a reputable plumber to locate it. Either way, you need to be careful when you discover it.

You likely have mold growing in that area. Once you contact us, one of our technicians can assess your Utah pipe leak cleanup needs. We can perform a variety of services for you to ensure that no mold, mildew, or toxic substances remain. We will do our best to preserve as much of your belongings as is safely possible during the cleanup process.

In some cases, you may need to have the carpeting removed or parts of your structure repaired. If the drywall, foundation, walls, or flooring has been soaked long enough, the structural integrity will begin to degrade. Even thoroughly drying a structure with excess damage will not prevent further decay.

Everyone on staff at Bio Clean of Utah is dedicated to a high level of customer satisfaction. The technicians who will perform your cleanup services have extensive training in examining each situation to determine the best way to serve you. If you have just discovered a leaky pipe on your commercial or residential property, contact our offices today for a consultation.