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i highly recommend the bio clean team based on my experience - they were professional and extremely efficient.

Lisa Shine
Lisa Shine June 18, 2023

I never had a chance to do business with Bio Clean but i had spoke with Blake about some issues i was having in my home. He knew i may not use his services but still went out of his way to answer my questions and make sure i was aware of what i was dealing with. Genuine responses and thankful to have spoken. 5 stars for being down to earth and helping others.

Breezy Goat
Breezy Goat June 7, 2023

Daryl reviewed the results of a mold test we had conducted by another company and then did a physical inspection of our property. He was responsive, thorough, and professional. Other than a couple of minor spots where he gave specific advice for cleaning up, he did not find we had a serious mold problem. He did not propose extensive repairs/remediation when not needed.

J. Moody
J. Moody April 26, 2023

Daryl was able to come out quickly and review some mold issues in the crawl space under the house we purchased. His expertise helped us mitigate costs on closing and he provided avenues on how best to treat and fix the problem. He was timely, efficient, proactive, and very insightful. The written report was informative and provided the correct avenues for recourse. I can't thank him enough for all the help he provided. During the course of closing on our house, we somehow forgot to pay the bill for the inspection. They did not hound us and were very gracious when I realized we had somehow missed paying the bill. Gave Amy a quick call and everything was set straight. Thank you again for everything!

Austin Dombrosky
Austin Dombrosky April 5, 2023

Daryl help us with a mold inspection, he is knowledgable and informative, great company to work with. Thank you!

Gloria A
Gloria A January 7, 2023

These guys rock!!

Zach Hallows
Zach Hallows November 30, 2022