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If you’re concerned about health risks, property damage, the stress and anxiety of the situation, safety concerns, or the time and effort involved, our team has you covered 100%. This is all we do, and we’ve done it longer than most companies in Utah. Contact us today for an honest and informative experience.
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i highly recommend the bio clean team based on my experience - they were professional and extremely efficient.

Lisa Shine
Lisa Shine June 18, 2023

I never had a chance to do business with Bio Clean but i had spoke with Blake about some issues i was having in my home. He knew i may not use his services but still went out of his way to answer my questions and make sure i was aware of what i was dealing with. Genuine responses and thankful to have spoken. 5 stars for being down to earth and helping others.

Breezy Goat
Breezy Goat June 7, 2023

Daryl reviewed the results of a mold test we had conducted by another company and then did a physical inspection of our property. He was responsive, thorough, and professional. Other than a couple of minor spots where he gave specific advice for cleaning up, he did not find we had a serious mold problem. He did not propose extensive repairs/remediation when not needed.

J. Moody
J. Moody April 26, 2023

Daryl was able to come out quickly and review some mold issues in the crawl space under the house we purchased. His expertise helped us mitigate costs on closing and he provided avenues on how best to treat and fix the problem. He was timely, efficient, proactive, and very insightful. The written report was informative and provided the correct avenues for recourse. I can't thank him enough for all the help he provided. During the course of closing on our house, we somehow forgot to pay the bill for the inspection. They did not hound us and were very gracious when I realized we had somehow missed paying the bill. Gave Amy a quick call and everything was set straight. Thank you again for everything!

Austin Dombrosky
Austin Dombrosky April 5, 2023

Daryl help us with a mold inspection, he is knowledgable and informative, great company to work with. Thank you!

Gloria A
Gloria A January 7, 2023

These guys rock!!

Zach Hallows
Zach Hallows November 30, 2022

Our Mold Removal Specialists Are a Call Away

It is a fact that molds produce allergens and irritants that can cause exposed individuals to experience symptoms of hay fever i.e. sneezing, runny nose, skin rashes, irritated eyes as well as nose, throat, and lung ailments.

Many toxic molds, including black mold, produce poisonous substances called mycotoxins. These toxins interfere with cell structures and processes and have the potential to cause serious health issues. Their effects on the body have been documented using controlled conditions in a laboratory. Mycotoxins have been proven to be present indoors with victims suffering from pulmonary hemorrhage or pulmonary hemosiderosis (primarily in infants), headaches and other flu-like symptoms; nose bleeds, immune system suppression (resulting in increased numbers of infections), hair loss, chronic fatigue, psychological depression, diarrhea, sore throats, and dermatitis.

Other symptoms that have been associated with mold are burning eyes, blurred vision, respiratory illness, chest pains, chest tightness, shortness of breath, wheezing, dry cough, nasal congestion, aggravated asthma, and cognitive disorder.

Mold Inspections by Certified Mold Inspectors

If you have mold or believe you have mold, an inspection is a beginning point. For a nominal fee, we can come on-site and perform an inspection, taking into consideration the history of the property, current dampness, the moisture source, affected materials, and suspected affected areas. We have a variety of moisture detection meters and devices and experience in looking for and detecting mold. Call us for a mold inspection if you have concerns about your property.

Mold Testing and Abatement

Mold exposure is typically from spores that get airborne and we breathe them in. Mold spores are so small they are not visible in the air. Mold testing can measure and document the quantity and varieties of mold in the air. This type of information can be helpful in determining the scope of work necessary; documenting the results of the mold removal and proof that the space is clean and safe. Black, toxic, and allergenic mold can cause serious health problems. Do not wait! Call us for your mold questions or testing.

Mold and Mildew Abatement

Mold is most prolific between 65°F and 85°F. Building interiors can provide a “prime” environment for mold, mildew, and bacteria growth and reproduction. All are parasitic and rely on organic matter for food. Mold breaks down organic matter and food sources such as wood, paper, drywall, paneling, and ceiling tiles. Decaying organic jute backing on carpets coupled with warm humid air creates an ideal environment for reproduction.

“Black Mold” is a term commonly used to describe a slimy, greenish-black substance that can result in serious health risks. This infamous mold is also known as Stachybotrys Chartarum and more often Stachybotrys Atra. It has been closely linked to the death of babies from respiratory bleeding, and illnesses such as asthma and bronchitis. According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control), this mold is responsible for over “100 cases of lung disorders”.

Areas and substances where black mold can be found include water-soaked wood, ceiling tiles, wall paneling, cardboard, and even items made of cotton. Black mold can grow on drywall and insulation and can infest areas on the floors, walls, and ceilings.

Bacteria Grows! Our Mold Remediation Experts will Inspect and Remove It.

Bacteria differ in their climatic preferences. Some are able to survive below freezing while others are active to temperatures above 150°F/66°C. It is similar to mildew in that its preferred temperature for growth is 75°F/24°C.

Residential Mold Remediation – Commercial Mold Remediation

CONTAINMENT: Isolating the area to prevent mold spores from spreading beyond its existing area. Negative air pressure machines are generally used in conjunction with temporary plastic walls.

REMOVAL: Removal of contaminated materials using various methods and proper disposal. Mold removal guidelines recommend physically removing finished materials affected by mold. If framing has visual mold growth and is still structurally strong, it can be HEPA vacuumed, sanded, and cleaned. Because mold exposure is a chemical exposure, there are no shortcuts to the physical removal of mold colonies and mold spores.

NEUTRALIZE AND CLEANING: Fungicides (EPA-approved) are applied to contaminated areas as part of the cleaning. Thorough detail cleaning is necessary after the physical removal of the mold is completed.

IMPORTANT FACT: Chlorine Bleach does not effectively kill mold on porous surfaces (wood, drywall, etc). It is not EPA or OSHA-approved for mold remediation.

COATINGS: Depending on the situation, we may recommend the application of an Anti-Microbial coating to prevent the recolonization of Mold in the remediated area.


Black Mold may be toxic. Any and all mold should be removed from the home for safety. Mold can destroy your home as well as your health. If you see any mold in your home, it needs to be removed quickly. The longer you wait, the greater the damage to your home and the health of your friends and family. Do not wait to remove the mold.

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What type of professional should I hire for mold remediation?

When it comes to mold remediation, it is important to hire a certified and experienced mold remediation professional. They will have the knowledge and expertise to properly assess the extent of the mold growth, safely remove the mold, and prevent its recurrence. Look for professionals who are certified by organizations such as the IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification) and have experience in handling mold remediation projects.

What health risks are associated with mold exposure?

Exposure to mold can lead to a variety of health risks, including allergic reactions, respiratory issues, and even infections. It is important to address mold growth promptly to protect the health of you and your family.

What are the most common types of mold found in homes?

The most common types of mold found in homes include black mold, aspergillus, and penicillium. It is important to identify and remove these molds promptly to prevent health risks and further damage to your home.

How can I prevent mold from growing in my home?

To prevent mold from growing in your home, there are several precautions you can take:

1. Control moisture levels: Mold thrives in damp environments, so it is important to keep your home dry. Fix any leaks or water damage promptly, and use dehumidifiers in areas with high humidity.

2. Proper ventilation: Ensure that your home has good ventilation, especially in areas prone to moisture, such as bathrooms and kitchens. Use exhaust fans or open windows to allow air circulation and prevent moisture buildup.

3. Monitor indoor humidity: Keep an eye on the humidity levels in your home, aiming for a range of 30-50%. You can use a hygrometer to measure humidity and take steps to reduce it if necessary, such as using air conditioners or humidifiers.

4. Use mold-resistant products: When renovating or building, consider using mold-resistant materials, such as mold-resistant drywall or paint. These products are designed to inhibit mold growth and can be an effective preventive measure.

5. Regular cleaning: Regularly clean and inspect areas prone to mold growth, such as bathrooms, basements, and crawl spaces. Use mold-killing cleaners and ensure that surfaces are dry after cleaning.

6. Properly maintain HVAC systems: Regularly inspect and maintain your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems to prevent moisture buildup and ensure proper air circulation. Change filters regularly and consider using HEPA filters to trap mold spores.

Facts About Utah Mold Removal, Remediation Services, and Mold Inspections

  • Mold remediation refers to the process of removing and cleaning up mold from a building or structure.
  • Mold remediation is necessary to prevent the spread of mold spores and the potential health risks associated with them.
  • The process of mold remediation typically involves identifying the source of the mold growth, containing the affected area, removing the mold-contaminated materials, and thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting the area.
  • Mold remediation should always be performed by trained professionals who have the necessary knowledge, skills, and equipment to safely and effectively remove mold.
  • Mold remediation is important because mold can cause a variety of health issues, including allergic reactions, respiratory problems, and even infections in some cases.
  • It is important to address mold remediation promptly to prevent further damage to the affected area and to minimize the risk of mold-related health problems.
  • Mold remediation may also involve addressing any underlying moisture issues that contributed to the mold growth, such as fixing leaks or improving ventilation.
  • In some cases, professional mold remediation companies may also offer additional services, such as mold inspections and testing to assess the extent of the mold problem and determine the most appropriate remediation approach.
  • The cost of mold remediation can vary depending on the size and severity of the mold problem, as well as other factors such as the accessibility of the affected area and any additional services required.

Contact Us for Professional Mold Remediation Services

If you’re dealing with a mold problem in your home, it’s crucial to take immediate action to protect your family’s health and prevent further damage. At Bio Clean of Utah, we specialize in providing professional mold remediation services that are safe, effective, and tailored to your specific needs.

Our team of trained professionals has the knowledge, skills, and equipment necessary to properly identify and remove mold from your home. Whether you’re dealing with a small area of mold growth that needs a good scrub or a more extensive infestation, we have the expertise to handle the job.

Don’t risk your health or waste time trying to tackle mold cleanup on your own using household items like detergent and vinegar. While these can be effective for minor surface mold, they may not fully eradicate the problem and can even spread the spores to other areas of your home.

By contacting us for mold remediation, you can expect:

1. Thorough Assessment: Our experts will conduct a comprehensive mold inspection to identify the source of the problem and determine the best course of action.

2. Safe Containment: We will isolate the affected area to prevent the spread of mold spores during the remediation process.

3. Professional Cleanup: Our team will safely remove and dispose of mold-contaminated materials, using specialized equipment and techniques to ensure thorough removal.

4. Effective Disinfection: We will clean and disinfect the area using mold-killing cleaners and professional-grade solutions.