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Our Services

Our services include:

Crime Scene Cleanup
Mold Removal
Water Damage Cleanup
Fire & Smoke Damage Cleanup

Crime scene clean-up/mold remediation is a very serious business. It involves the handling of crime scene cleanup, suicides, mold remediation, and other biohazard cleanup services. Given the nature of these situations, these tasks should not be handled by untrained individuals. Both emotional stress and possible contamination by infectious waste can result from improper handling of these situations.

It is easy to see why crime scene cleanup can be a very difficult job. Given the often traumatic and sometimes horrific nature of the task, a person who may be closely involved with the victim may not be up for this. Even seeing a traumatic scene, can cause emotional pain and anxiety. It isn’t something you should have to go through.

In order to reduce the amount of psychological trauma that can come from the crime scene clean-up, professionals should handle it. Bio Clean of Utah is prepared to do this work for you. Not only can this help you distance yourself from the task at hand, but it can also make sure the job is done thoroughly and safely.

There are always special considerations when handling biohazard cleanup. The presence of infectious waste is highly probable and cleanup must be thorough in order to prevent the spread of disease. Professional specialized cleaning crews can ensure that all necessary safety measures are taken.