Utah Ice Damming services from Bio Clean of Utah. A picture of ice damming on the roof of a home.

Utah Ice Damming

Why You Should Choose A Professional Service?

An ice dam is a ridge of ice that develops at the end of the roof and prevents the melting snow from draining as it should. Water backs up behind the ice dam and leaks into the house. It can create havoc in your home by damaging the walls, ceilings, floors, insulation, and other areas in your home. Ice dams are extremely common during the winter months in almost all parts of the country. Utah is no exception in this regard.

Ice damming is the process of clearing these ice dams from the edge of your roof. Many providers offer ice damming services in Utah. Selecting the best Utah ice damming service is essential to clear the ice dams and save your home from destruction. This article provides a comprehensive overview of ice damming, and why you should select a professional service provider when it comes to Utah ice damming.

Most of the time, ice dams occur at the lowest edge of a roof. They rarely occur in other locations on a roof. Ice dams usually result from the escape of heat to the roof space. The heat builds up and melts the snow on your roof. The melted snow runs to the cold edge of your roof and forms an ice dam. Many factors determine ice dam activity in a home. Solar orientation, insulation, ventilation, snow cover, tree coverage, the architecture of the home, the lifestyle of the homeowners, and weather conditions are some of the most important factors in this regard. No two houses are the same when it comes to ice dam activity. One home in your neighborhood may have a fully-fledged ice dam while another may not have one. Preventing damage from an ice dam is quite important to protect your property in the long run. It is pretty straightforward. It is all about being proactive and calling a professional ice dam removal company in Utah. Do not postpone the removal of the ice dam in your home. If you do, you may have to wait for a long time to hire a professional company to fix the issue. You need to fix the issue immediately to save your property from further damage and deterioration. This is why you need to choose a reliable and experienced Utah ice damming service.

Most homeowners assume that gutters have something to do with the formation of ice dams on their roofs. This is a misconception that most homeowners have today. Gutters have nothing to do with the formation of ice dams. If your house is prone to the formation of ice dams, you will get it whether your home has a gutter or not. If your home has gutters, they will fill with ice and offer a foundation for the formation of an ice dam. If your home doesn’t have gutters, the ice dam will occur on the cold edge of your roof. A professional ice damming service offers its expertise to homeowners with or without gutters. The problem with ice dams is they can damage the gutter system of the house. Ice usually weighs about 60-pounds per cubic foot. The gutters of your home are not made to tolerate that kind of weight. That is why you must initiate gutter ice removal sooner than later. This is where professional ice damming company in Utah comes in handy.

Ice dams are not always visible from the ground. You may see the little glaciers on the gutter, but the sneaky ones are usually far out of sight. A professional ice damming company can identify an ice dam quite easily. This is where experience counts. Hiring an experienced and reputable ice damming company in Utah is important because of this reason. Many homeowners think that ice dams should be thick to create problems in their homes. This is another misconception. Ice dams as thin as one inch can cause big problems in your home. If you have a low-pitched roof, even a small ice dam can cause a lot of damage to the property in the long run. This is why you need to pick the best ice dam removal service in Utah.

Bio Clean of Utah is one of the best ice dam removal services in the area. The company is located in Northern Utah and serves hundreds of residents in the region. The majority of clients are rating the service positively. You find positive reviews and testimonials on numerous online forums and discussion boards in this regard. The company offers many other services such as mold remedial, fire damage restoration, flood damage restoration, air duct cleaning, blood, crime scene clean up, etc.

The aforementioned article provides an overview of why you should choose a professional company for ice damming activities in Utah.