Salt Lake City Water Damage Cleanup services from Bio Clean of Utah. A picture of a water-damaged bathroom in a home with repair equipment.

Reasons For Picking Salt Lake City Water Damage Cleanup Services

Water damage can prove to have long-term destructive effects on your property as well as your well-being. If left untreated, it can result in significant structural damage, rot, mold, and bacteria growth. Water damage can occur in any number of ways from plumbing leaks, storm damage, sewage backups, flooded basements, or damage resulting from fire fighting efforts. These water-related disasters require professionals, and that’s where Bio Clean of Utah comes in. We are a disaster repair and cleanup company located in Utah. We offer a 24-hour Salt Lake City water damage cleanup service that gives our customers peace of mind since our specialists will always be on call. Our water damage cleanup services include:

Inspection And Water Damage Assessment

Before conducting the cleanup procedure, our team will conduct a thorough inspection of your property for water damage. Through an assessment, we will be able to ascertain the level of structural damage, contamination, and electric hazards. This allows us to formulate an effective course of action to deal with the area affected. We offer repair services once we’ve identified the cause of the water damage.

Water Extraction

We are equipped with powerful pumps and vacuums to deal with both large and small jobs. So regardless of the water damage, we can conduct a water extraction service and remove sewage or standing water from affected areas.

Removal And Disposal

We assess the level of damage inflicted and determine the materials that will be disposed of. Our Salt Lake City water damage cleanup service will include removing materials like drywall, carpeting, plaster, ceilings, carpet padding, and any personal items affected. Unfortunately, some materials can’t be restored and will require them getting discarded. They may include things like magazines, books, furniture, and other porous items.


Since the bulk of the water will have already been extracted, there are still areas water can be hard to access by conventional methods. We completely dry out your place using specialized equipment and scientific drying methods that ensure there are no residual traces of water that may attract mold growth, odors, or rot. We use high-grade dehumidifiers and air movers to dry out materials that were salvaged. Our equipment ensures quick drying time while preventing any further damage.

Cleaning And Sanitation

Water damage affects your belongings and personal items directly. Salvaged materials and other structural materials will need to get sanitized and deodorized to prevent bacteria and mold from developing. Our professionals have the experience and expertise required to identify and eliminate odors by using air scrubbers.

We at Bio Clean of Utah guarantee fast response times within hours of your call. We offer professional water damage cleanup services to both commercial and domestic properties in and around the Salt Lake City area. No job is too big or small for us. We are equipped with a variety of industry-leading equipment that has minimal disruption as well as completely dry your place. We can provide an estimate and we a local, insured, and licensed professionals who take full accountability during the restoration process. Call us today!

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