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Do It Yourself Mold Removal Salt Lake City Utah

Why am I not surprised? We do a very good job of informing and educating customers about how mold removal should be done. But, many don’t listen, can’t follow directions or just think they can cut corners or just do a sloppy and lousy job and get away with it. We started with customer a…

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Tips For Mold Removal Everyone Ought To Know

Everybody has encountered mold at one time or another. It does not matter if you have a new home, an apartment or just subletting a place, you will have to handle mold at some point in time. It may be in the form of pink dots in your bathtub after you forget to rinse out…

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How Do I Convince My Landlord That Mold Can Be Hazardous?

My next door neighbors and I have a very serious problem. Our landlord has been renting out the duplex we are living in, knowing full well of the many problems that are currently plaguing our respective homes. Among these problems are collapsing roofs, collapsing shower floors, and water damaged kitchen sinks. But most of all,…

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Don’t Trust Your Builder, Protect Yourself From Mold

An error was made in the original construction which lead to dampness, which lead to mold growing. The contractor was a prominent local home builder. The homeowner asked the the builder to help investigate the water source, correct it and repair the damage. The home builder recognized their error, and to their credit offered to…

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Mold Removal Dosen’t Need To Be This Difficult – Park City Utah

Why would anyone hire a mold removal professional and then mostly ignore what they tell you. And the answers are: The contract with the buyer required the seller to hire a mold professional. (ie: Because they had to.) ¬†And they ignored the recommendations¬†because they thought they could get away with it. The actual circumstances were:…

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